Thursday, November 5, 2009

Too Long, Time to warm the engines

I know I've been gone before I was here..., but now I'm going to try and make this work.

My name is Cameron and I am a Lomographer. I started on x-mas day of '08 and I haven't stopped since. I am starting this Blog to catalog experiments and because you have to start somewhere. I've been posting to Flickr for a while now and the Lomo Homes site for the past few weeks.

With all that effort I was feeling a bit daunted by the task of actually blogging about them on top of the other things I was doing.

I shoot on several cameras:


Holga 120

Smena 8M

ColorSplash Chrome

My Main love is
Multiple exposures
. I can't help but try and find new ways of doubling and tripling images.

This will be an attempt at a Lomography Photo blog. While I don't think I will always use Lomo cameras, I feel that the spirit of Lomography is already in my photography so the two may never be separate.

I'm new at photography and newer at Lomography. I have been told that my pictures show I have a good eye for what I do. I want to use this as a catalog of what I tried and the results. I experiment more than I study. I never edit in Photoshop. In some cases I may darken the shot or increase the highlights, but it is a small cosmetic adjustment in Picasa. My scanner isn't always spot on.

For all who care and for those people out there, like me, who needed something to release them from the day to day. I present my passion and hope you take away something positive like I do.

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